Our Values

All our work will be guided by a set of core values and principles that are expressed as follows:

  • S.H.E. has an African footprint
  • S.H.E. has research (knowledge) as a framework and foundation for advocacy
  • S.H.E. contributes to creating and building the capacity of institutions that know, understand, accept and cater for our (trans and intersex) issues and needs
  • This includes quality services for all – in particular quality health services for gender diverse populations
  • S.H.E. contributes to understanding of the fluidity of gender and sexuality and to gender equality/equity
  • S.H.E. contributes to solidarity of the diverse racial groups
  • S.H.E. contributes to solidarity of different sexuality
  • Womanity
  • End to oppression – A just and tolerant world, free from discrimination, for diversity and freedom to express oneself and to choose the life they lead
  • Self-love
  • Acceptance, comfort, security for all human beings
  • Choice: Human beings free to lived their own identities and to make the life they want for themselves free of stigma
  • Family values – Acceptance of diverse forms of families

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