Psychosocial Program

We know that transgender people around the Eastern Cape Province endure many struggles to gain access to much needed support.

We are also aware of intersecting oppressions stemming from being poor, trans and having limited access to gender affirming and other related services.

For these reasons we are implementing a support program coupled with advocacy to increase access to health services for trans, gender non conforming and queer people in the Eastern Cape Province more broadly. This program currently offers:

  • Referral to psychological support at the Cecilia Makhiwane Psychology Unit for trans people in and around East London.
  • Referral to psychological support and counselling at the Letitia Bam Day Hospital for trans people in and around Port Elizabeth.
  • Support groups conducted at our offices for trans, GNC and queer people around East London and Mdantsane.
  • Paralegal support services to assist trans persons with gender amendment at the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Case support in the context of discriminatory practice at home. school and work through our paralegal support service.
  • Referral to trauma debriefing and counselling for various forms of hate crimes through our partnership with the Student Counselling Unit at the University of Fort Hare in East London.
  • Training on human sexual and gender identity.
  • Training and information on HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections in the LGBTI population around East London/Mdantsane.
  • Information, communication and educational materials related to trans and queer identity in our province.
  • Public education drives – every year we host the Miss Trans Diva Beauty pageant as a celebration of trans beauty and a platform for education and engagement.

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