S.H.E was born from a need to contextualize the lives of African transgender and intersex women employing a feminist framework.

The lack of vocal African transgender and intersex women gave birth to the organisation.

Further, transgender and intersex women are not visible in African feminist spaces. This is something that needed to be changed. S.H.E, as an organisation was first represented in a meeting on women’s sexual and reproductive health rights in East London, South Africa in November 2010. Since then, the organisation has gone from strength to strength.
Our work is based on collective action and though we were registered as a coalition with the South African Department of Social Development, we work on an equal basis with all our partners. We work with partner organisations and their various constituencies. We employ a feminist agenda as an ideological underpinning to our work.

Our Mission

S.H.E is a feminist collective of trans and intersex women and orginisations with an African focus. We work with and for:
  • Trans & intersex women/girls in Africa
  • Sexual & Gender minorities
  • Sex Workers
S.H.E is working towards:
  • Increased awareness of and support for trans & intersex women’s issues
  • Increased visibility of trans & intersex women in feminist spaces
  • Achievement of greater gender diversity and equality for trans & intersex women

Our Vision

S.H.E. envisions a world in which women of all ages, independent of gender identity, have the freedom to realise themselves fully as human beings and celebrate their womanity and womynity.

Our Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Appropriate and expedited access for all trans and intersex people to relevant health services.

Objective 2

Trans and intersex persons in East London and surrounding areas have a space for psychosocial support, information dissemination and build a sense of community.

Objective 3

The public and relevant stakeholders are engaged, sensitized and practiced in a way that acknowledges and respect the trans and intersex people and their rights.

Objective 4

Gender equity and equality for trans and intersex women in the regional movement and inclusion of their female issues on the feminist agenda.

Objective 5

To have organisation management systems strengthened.

All our work will be guided by a set of core values and principles

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